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McAlpine PC serves as primary outside general counsel for many clients throughout Michigan and nationwide. We provide general counsel services in a wide range of areas, including general corporate law, employment law, real estate, partnership formation, joint ventures, limited liability companies, development law, zoning, and general business advice and strategic counseling. Examples of the firm's general counsel engagements related to business operations, contracts, disputes, and venture capital investments include:

Medical Construction Counsel

Served as primary outside construction counsel for the nation's third-largest hospital group with annual construction expenditures in excess of $400,000,000 in connection with all aspects of its building program. Representation ranges from drafting new standard custom design and construction contracts to ongoing contract negotiations and litigation. Latest engagement involved contract negotiations in connection with an estimated $1,000,000,000 in new construction nationally.

Automotive Construction Counsel

Currently serving as primary outside construction counsel for large automotive supplier in connection with the design and construction of facilities throughout the U.S. Latest matters include major manufacturing facility expansion in Minnesota and the construction of a new $150,000,000 foundry in Tennessee and the construction of a $4,000,000,000 steel manufacturing facility.

Structural Steel Design & Construction Firm Representation

Represented a large structural steel design and construction firm in connection with claims exceeding $20,000,000 arising from the expansion of a food processing plant in Illinois.

U.S. Robotics Firm Counsel

Served as outside general counsel for a large U.S. robotics firm in connection with the design and construction of automated material handling systems for various applications throughout the U.S., including newspapers, aircraft manufacturing and automotive facilities. Matters included contract negotiations and dispute resolutions and prosecuting and defending claims litigation throughout the U.S.

Construction Insurance and Surety Bond Brokerage Firm Counsel

Served as consulting counsel to country's largest construction insurance and surety bond brokerage firm, providing risk management and risk avoidance services to the brokerage firm's insurance and bonding customers.

International Construction Company Counsel

Served as primary outside counsel for an international construction company, providing contract negotiation and dispute resolution services throughout the United States. Projects included business operations pertaining to high-rise office buildings, hospitals, large commercial residential developments and various government projects.

Mechanical Contractor Counsel

Served as counsel for a mechanical contractor in connection with the construction of several water and waste water treatment facilities. Services included contract negotiations, claims litigation and dispute resolution.

Computer Software and Consulting Company Counsel

Served as outside general counsel for a computer software and consulting company. Matters included contract negotiations, employment matters, dispute resolution, acquisition of companies, buy-sell agreements and all related agreements and an initial public offering of stock.

To schedule a consultation regarding our general counsel capacity as relates to business contracts, ADR, business disputes, employment law, real estate venture capital investments, or partnership formation, contact a business operation lawyer at McAlpine PC.

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