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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Construction disputes can lead to serious issues for you and your company. Further delays can harm the outcome of your project. You may think your only option is litigation, but that is not always the case. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an effective way to avoid litigation.

Arbitration Vs. Mediation

ADR has many different methods although most are variations of each other: arbitration and mediation. What is the difference between the two?

Arbitration involves an arbitrator or arbitrators who will act as a judge in the dispute. Both sides will be able to argue their case before a final binding decision is made. In many cases, the construction contract will determine if arbitration will be used to resolve a dispute.

Mediation involves a mutually chosen mediator who will help both parties negotiate the issue to find an acceptable resolution. Mediation can lead to a more beneficial outcome for both parties since everyone has to agree to the final outcome, which can include future business opportunities in addition to monetary settlements.

Our Extensive Experience Resolving Disputes


Mr. McAlpine's involvement in alternative dispute resolution is extensive. He is a past Chairperson of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Michigan, where he has been involved as a member of the Section Council in evaluating and developing new and innovative ways of avoiding litigation and resolving commercial disputes in a cost-effective and efficient manner while also preserving or restoring business relationships.

Mr. McAlpine served as Chairperson of the American Arbitration Association's Regional Council on Large and Complex Cases and served as a member of the American Arbitration Association's National Large and Complex Cases Panel of Arbitrators. He lectures and publishes frequently on a wide range of ADR topics. At the request of the Michigan Supreme Court, Mr. McAlpine has served on the teaching faculty of the Michigan Judicial Institute where he has delivered seminars to judges throughout Michigan on the use of ADR in the courts.

Our knowledge of alternative dispute resolution techniques is unique to our law firm. We specialize in construction law, and we have gained a reputation for being a premier construction law firm in the country because of our success.

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