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Claims Management

McAlpine PC is one of the most trusted claims law firms in the country. We specialize in claims litigation and we are known in the industry for our winning record. Because we litigate claims every day, we are expert in knowing how claims arise and what can be done to resolve the dispute short of litigation.  We also know how claims should be documented and managed so as to enhance the chance of a successful resolution.


We handle the full spectrum of claims arising from: differing site conditions, constructive acceleration,  weather delays, constructive changes, design defects, delayed approvals, inspection irregularities, trade demand, cardinal and excessive changes, financing failures and more.  We understand lost productivity impacts and the importance or proper documentation.  We also understanding that proving causation and damages is critical to a successful claims resolution.  We work with a wide variety of experts and consultants to present the best case possible.  The development of compelling graphics in the presentation of claims is also critical, as it finding a way to use the opponent’s analysis against them.  We know claims and how to win.

We handle:

Delay claims

Labor impact claims

Quality of work claims

Payment claims

Lien and bond claims

Insurance coverage suits

Construction changes

Acceleration claims

Over inspection

Defect claims

Extended conditions

Suspension and termination

We understand how critical it is to resolve these disputes in an efficient and effective manner. Our goal is the same as yours: to find the best resolution. We will develop a strong strategy to ensure your rights and goals are protected.

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