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Decades of experience representing clients throughout the nation.

For decades, McAlpine PC has handled complex construction issues for clients throughout the country. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the most challenging legal issues in and out of the construction industry.

Twenty-five years ago, attorney Mark McAlpine, after heading a litigation and construction practice at a mega law firm, founded our firm with a vision of providing the best legal services available at any price, while reducing costs through focused specialization, lean staffing, and effective use of cutting-edge technology.

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Who We Are

We are far more than construction lawyers. We are dedicated to the success and growth of our clients. We know that construction disputes are only a fraction of the legal challenges that construction companies face.

McAlpine PC is there to help our clients seize opportunities and manage obstacles. We handle all types of issues, including joint venture and business entity formation lending agreements to union agreements, creditors’ rights, surety claims, joint ventures and corporate acquisitions.

Our construction industry focus means that our clients never have to wait for us to get up to speed on their business. That saves time and money for our clients.

Our knowledge of the construction industry runs deep. So instead of puzzling over what BIM technology is and why it matters to a hospital project that has fallen behind schedule, our lawyers can focus on the tireless pursuit of our clients’ rights — from the moment we are engaged until the matter is resolved.

Our Practice Areas

More than 30 years of experience representing clients throughout the nation.

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