Our Projects

At McAlpine PC, we are known as the premier construction law firm in the country. With headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, we represent businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to smaller local and regional companies in the United States.

Our attorneys have decades of experience navigating the most challenging and complex issues related to construction law, commercial litigation and transactions. We are known for getting results because we specialize in only a few areas of the law. See below for a list of our projects.

Our Projects

Water And Sewer

We have handled numerous water and waste water treatment plants and related systems throughout Michigan and the United States. We also have handled tunneling, microtunneling and directional drilling projects. Some of our projects have included:

  • Imlay City pumping station (DWSD)
  • North California Aqueduct
  • Oakwood Pumping Station (DWSD)
  • Sewer Interceptor repairs (DWSD)
  • Sewer separator projects (DWSD)
  • 2004 15-mile sinkhole repair project, post-MIDD acquisition (DWSD)
  • Contractor defense in debarment proceedings


Our lawyers have assisted with numerous interstate and state highway reconstruction/resurfacing projects throughout Michigan and Florida, including:

  • I-275 resurfacing north and south (MDOT)
  • Ambassador Bridge deck replacement and resurfacing
  • Ambassador Bridge Gateway project
  • MDOT and interstate bridge reconstructions
  • Parking structures throughout Detroit
  • Landscape projects
  • Light rail facilities, including the Detroit People Mover system


We have handled many runway, taxiway and hangar construction and reconstruction projects throughout the United States, including Orlando International Airport, Detroit Metro, St. Louis International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Honolulu International Airport and Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, including:

  • WCAA McNamara South Terminal, various trades
  • WCAA McNamara North Terminal, various trades
  • WCAA Westin Hotel construction, various trades
  • WCAA McNamara parking structure
  • Dallas-Fort Worth George Bush Intercontinental Airport nav-aid duct system construction

Stadiums and Arenas

We have handled many sports arenas throughout the U.S. including Detroit, Nashville and Pittsburg - as well as for the Summer Olympics in Beijing, China

  • Comerica Park (representing numerous trades)
  • Ford Field (represented numerous trades and general contractors in surety matters)
  • Joe Louis Arena
  • Millender Center
  • Red Wing stadium replacement

Major Commercial

We have handled high-rise office tower construction projects in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Chicago, Detroit and throughout California. We have represented international product suppliers, including natural and manufactured products from Mexico, Korea, China and the Middle East.

Some of the projects we have completed include multiple precast concrete projects, retail construction, including lifestyle, in-line and big box construction throughout the United States, and commercial and municipal landscape projects, including:

  • Renaissance Center (representing numerous trades on original construction)
  • Renaissance Center Podium Reconstruction Project
  • Greek Town Casino
  • Casino construction Las Vegas
  • 150 West Jefferson Office Tower
  • 1 Comerica Bank Tower
  • Campus Martius Park, Detroit
  • World Trade Center post 9-11 demolition


Some of the projects we have handled include:

  • Automotive assembly plants throughout United States, Mexico and Canada
  • Automotive research facilities for U.S. and foreign automakers
  • Auto and military vehicle parts manufacturing facilities, including tool and die shops
  • Robotics systems litigation


Our projects include:

  • Foundries and steel plants throughout the United States
  • Industrial, paper and petrochemical construction and reconstruction projects
  • Caisson, sea wall, pile and sheet pile projects
  • Public and private power house construction chiller replacement projects
  • Power generation facilities (coal, natural gas and nuclear) and transition lines throughout the United States
  • Power plant and generator reconstruction projects throughout the Middle East
  • Powerhouse and mechanical storage facilities such as automated vehicle racking systems
  • Public schools and universities
  • Public university (locally U of M, MSU, Wayne, Central, Eastern and Western) construction projects including hospital, laboratory and classroom construction and dorm reconstruction projects
  • School construction, including numerous Detroit Public Schools projects


Our projects include:

  • Demolition projects throughout the United States and Canada — well over 20 million square feet
  • Reconstruction projects resulting from natural disasters including fire, flood and storms
  • Post-hurricane reconstruction projects including 40-story high-rise in Florida

New Technology

Our projects include:

  • Numerous projects incorporating new technology such as 3D MEP coordination, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and LEED

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