Our Dispute Resolution Philosophy

The construction industry is very complex. At McAlpine PC, our attorneys specialize in construction law. It's what we do, and we do it well. We are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and we handle cases throughout the United States.

Construction disputes can arise quickly and cause significant damage to your construction company and relationship with other companies. Finding a resolution is important. It's just as important to find a resolution the right way.

Finding A Resolution Based On Your Goals

Our dispute resolution philosophy involves maintaining a professional relationship with the other side so the settlement lines are open. We do not want to ruin your relationship with other companies over one dispute.

We focus on finding ways to have your opponent re-evaluate the situation and to explore possible solutions that will lead to a beneficial settlement. Our goal is to put your business relationship back together. This means we will diligently prepare and explore all available options to find a solution for you.

What To Consider In Your Case

Our lawyers know what questions to ask to find the best outcome. Should shareholders be informed of the dispute? Will customers be involved? Do we involve the media? We take every factor into consideration when developing a creative and unique strategy for every single one of our clients.

We are passionate about finding a resolution that works for you. Every case is different and has its own set of circumstances that need to be considered. Our law firm knows how the construction industry works and how other lawyers will try to handle disputes. We are one step ahead of our opponents due to our preparation, knowledge and understanding of complex construction issues. Our reputation as aggressive litigators who have recovered many large arbitration and jury awards helps motivate settlement. They know that we are not afraid to take your case to the jury.

Speak With Us

We understand the construction industry. We know what to do in your case and how to help you find a resolution. Call our lawyers at 800-724-9695 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.