Experienced Litigation Lawyers

Construction litigation is complicated. Our attorneys at McAlpine PC know what it takes to effectively handle your case. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, our firm represents clients in litigation cases throughout the United States.

As the former chief of litigation at one of Michigan's largest firms, founding attorney Mark McAlpine had seen enough of bloated case management, cases staffed with attorneys who knew little about construction and reached the point of substantive competence, if ever, only through a long process of education that invariably was funded by the clients. McAlpine PC was built to provide all the advantages of the mega firms without the excess overhead and fee-driven culture.

Explaining Your Case To A Jury

How do we teach the jury about the issues in your case? We will educate the jurors and judges on the complex details of the case, such as the impact on a construction project when there is a delay or how defects can compromise the entire project. We know how to manage complex issues and simplify them so the jury can clearly understand the situation.

As the premier construction law firm in the country, we are a leader in taking full advantage of the industries' latest trial technologies to present dynamic, informative and compelling demonstrations of our case in the courtroom. We know what questions jurors and judges will ask and how to develop a clear and concise presentation so all of their questions will be properly addressed.

Dedicated Attention From A Reputable Firm

The lawyer you choose is important. At our law firm, you will receive dedicated attention from attorneys who have decades of experience navigating complex construction litigation cases other firms should, but often don't, turn away.

Many of our clients come to us from much larger general law firms and have been surprised by the difference they find in a highly specialized firm like McAlpine PC.

We have the unique skills and tools to handle all aspects of your case. We diligently prepare your case to find a resolution that benefits you and protects your interests.

Contact us online or call us at 800-724-9695 to schedule your consultation. We will review your case and explore all of your options.