Claims Management Lawyers

McAlpine PC is one of the most trusted law firms in the country. We handle complex construction issues, and we are known for getting results for our clients. While headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, we represent clients throughout the United States.

Construction contracts can stipulate a variety of conditions that will impact the outcome of your project. What happens when something goes wrong during construction or one party fails to complete their work as promised?

Handling Complex Issues For Plaintiffs

Our lawyers have extensive claims management experience. We are in the construction litigation field. We have the unique skills and qualifications to handle these complex claims. Call us when you have a claim. We will handle everything so you can focus on your construction company.

Your claim needs to be presented in an appropriate way. We specialize in construction law. This means we know what kind of notice to file, and we have access to the right experts for your claim.

Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of complex construction issues. We stay up to date on current laws and guidelines that impact you — the plaintiff. We also teach seminars on construction law. We know the law, and this is used to your advantage when we represent you.

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We take cases on a part contingency basis, part hourly basis. We will tell you what your case is worth and guide you through the entire process. To schedule a consultation with our attorneys, fill out our online form or call 800-724-9695.

  • We know what can go wrong and how it will start.
  • We are experts at spotting claims and managing them throughout the process.
  • We know that proper claims management can keep damages lower meaning the issue can often be negotiated rather than being litigated to a successful conclusion.