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To discuss labor law matters with an experienced Michigan business and construction law attorney, contact the Detroit area law firm of McAlpine PC.

The labor law attorneys of the Michigan business and commercial law firm of McAlpine PC, in Detroit, often handle labor law situations in which a business client has a need to get out of a labor agreement. When unions are resistant to release of a labor agreement, we facilitate the extrication of a client from that labor agreement.

We also handle other labor law matters, including lien cases where a union is pursuing fringe benefit claims against a client by way of a lien or payment performance bond against a project. We represent our business clients when unions demand audits of records to determine whether fringe benefits have been made.

Our labor and employment lawyers have negotiated deals with local unions involving jurisdictional disputes when a client wanted to use a particular percentage of its own construction crews.

We defend companies against unfair labor practice claims. Our counsel and representation in labor and employment law encompasses a full range of general personnel issues: wrongful termination, employment practices, employment manuals, race and gender bias, sexual harassment, reporting policies, internal investigation policies and procedures, non-competition agreements, and confidentiality agreements.

McAlpine PC's labor and employment litigation services deliver value to our clients as they complement and enhance our overarching business, commercial, construction, and real estate law practice. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation regarding labor agreements and employment contracts.