Our Critical Assets

Our Associate Attorneys

McAlpine is supported by some of the most dynamic professionals in the industry. We carefully select attorneys who not only meet our rigorous academic standards but also have the drive that is the hallmark of our firm. Our partners then work closely with the associate attorneys to ensure that they carry the knowledge and skill of a McAlpine lawyer into each negotiation or hearing room they might enter on behalf of our clients. With the effective use of the brightest associates available, we are able to control costs for our clients without sacrificing quality.

Our Experts and Consultants

Every day advances are made in technology that help you build better structures faster, more efficiently and for less money. From Building Information Modeling to LEED certifications, the industry continues to evolve and improve.

At McAlpine, we believe that our lawyers are unparalleled in their understanding of traditional as well as innovative building methods. But we know our limitations also. Where additional expertise is needed, or where a dispute requires expert testimony, we team with the very best in the business. Our decades of courtroom experience have exposed us to hundreds of the industries' top experts in construction systems damages analysis. Every day we work closely with the nation's most recognized experts. We don't just know them, we have them on speed dial.

This close relationship not only ensures that our clients benefit from the most competent expertise available, but it also helps reduce costs. Any football coach will stress that the team works better as a single unit than as a collection of independent star players. McAlpine applies the same understanding to its project and trial teams.

Finally, once our team has agreed on and honed a trial strategy, we frequently put our strategy to the test through the use of mock trials and jury consultants. We then scrutinize our performance and make any necessary adjustments - big and small. Regardless of how far we have come, it is never too late for us to re-visit our approach to ensure a better result.

Our Trial Technology

Once our team has settled on a strategy, trial presentation work really begins. McAlpine takes full advantage of the industries' latest trial technologies to present dynamic, informative, and compelling demonstrations of our case in the courtroom. There simply is no better way to educate jurors on complex issues than through simplifying graphics and animations.